Steps of the certification process


Making contact

Hotels that want to be candidates for certification must contact the InSCeHo team, which will send an application package as soon as possible. Once the application package is returned to the InSCeHo team, it is reviewed.

Preparatory phase

When the application package is complete and administrative fees have been paid, the candidate hotel receives a preparation guide. This includes all the criteria of the InSCeHo standard, their validation conditions and how each of them is inspected.

The candidate hotel then has a period of six months from the date of dispatch of the preparation guide to prepare for the inspection. During this phase, the InSCeHo team is at the disposal of the candidate hotel to guide it in its preparation.

Date of inspection and latest logistical details

The inspection date is jointly agreed between the candidate hotel and InSCeHo team. A period of 30 days before the inspection date is necessary. At this point, the exchange of information intensifies between the two parties in order to plan the logistical aspects of the inspection and prepare for the inspection itself. Inspection fees must be paid before this can take place in order to ensure the complete independence of the inspector.


An InSCeHo consultant is present at the hotel on the arranged day. The inspection enables assessment of conformity of the candidate hotel with the InSCeHo standard. Each criterion is assessed. Its conformity or nonconformity is documented in the most appropriate manner in order to complete the inspection report provided to the candidate hotel.


Inspection report

An inspection report is produced and then given to the hotel in the following fifteen days after the inspection. It includes any nonconformities so that the hotel can get mitigate them.

Issuance of certification

Within fifteen days following the report hand-over, InSCeHo certification committee decides whether the candidate hotel satisfies the criteria and conditions enabling it to receive certification. When the decision is positive, a declaration of conformity is issued. 

Rejection of certification

In the case of rejection of certification, the candidate hotel can request a second inspection, which takes place within a period of three months after the date of notification of the certification rejection decision. The fees for a second inspection are borne by the candidate hotel. It can receive guidance from the InSCeHo team to prepare for the second inspection (performed under the same conditions as the initial inspection).

New application

In the event of another failure, the candidate hotel can re-initiate an application after a period of 12 months after the date of notification of failure of second inspection.


License agreement

Within one week after the decision to grant certification, the InSCeHo team issues a certification mark license agreement. From that point, the certified hotel can use the name and image of the certification in its commercial activities throughout the entire period of validity of the certificate.

Term of validity

Certification is valid for 12 months, starting on the date of issue of the declaration of conformity.


Renewal application

Before the end of the period of validity of the certificate, the certified hotel informs the InSCeHo team of its desire to renew its certification. Should a hotel wish to withdraw from the certification programme, subscribers to the InSCeHo newsletter are informed of the voluntary withdrawal of certification.


Using the latest version of the InSCeHo standard, the certified hotel prepare for a new inspection that must take place no later than the month following the expiracy of the declaration of conformity.

Confirmation of renewal

The decision to grant certification and the issue of the declaration of conformity take place under the same conditions as before.

Renewal rejection

In the event of rejection, the hotel can request a second inspection within three months. However, its certification is suspended. Subscribers to the InSCeHo newsletter are informed. In the case of failure of the second inspection, the hotel loses its certification. An 18-month waiting period then applies before the hotel can apply for certification again.