Win-win initiative for hoteliers and customers

There are many benefits for all involved in the hotel business.

The certification programme is the initiator of a principled approach beneficial to everyone.


  • DO: The InSCeHo standard guides hotels that want to offer its customers the level of security and fire safety they have the right to expect. It meets the requirements of companies regarding travel policy.

  • CHECK: The certification process enables hotel management to review the effectiveness of the risk management system already in place and make sure an adequate level is maintained.

  • MOTIVATE: Obtaining and renewing certification is a rewarding objective for the hotel security team.

  • INFORM: The InSCeHo label enables the hotel to enhance its commitment to security and fire safety. It is a simple communication tool focused on all customer segments. The InSCeHo website is the customer portal for those who include security and fire safety as factors in selecting a hotel. Obtaining InSCeHo certification is strong positioning.

  • FOSTER TRUST: As InSCeHo certification is granted by a third party, it fosters the trust of customers of the hotel.

  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE: InSCeHo certification transforms the cost of safety into a competitive advantage


  • CHOOSE: The InSCeHo label enables individual clients concerned about security and fire safety to make informed hotel accommodation choices.

  • BE CONFIDENT: Whether a customer is visiting for tourism or business, the InSCeHo label allows clients to be confident and concentrate on what is important.

  • IMPARTIALITY: The InSCeHo label is the guarantee of an impartial assessment of the true level of security and fire safety offered by the hotel, renewed yearly.

  • ACCESSIBILITY: The InSCeHo label provides all travellers with expertise previously only accessible to a minority of large international companies.


  • CHOOSE: InSCeHo certification is a selection tool for hotel partners in terms of security and fire safety.

  • BE EFFICIENT: InSCeHo certification improves the travel policy of companies:

    • Choice of hotels whose risk management levels are known and comparable from one country to another.

    • Guarantee of monitoring of the quality of risk management through annual inspections.

    • Confidentiality of a company’s areas of interest because it no longer has to perform hotel assessment in its name.

    • Immediate responsiveness in the event of a new hotel requirement by the company.

    • Ability to customise hotel selections amongst those certified, based on the specific criteria of a travel policy.

    • Decision-making tool in the event of a crisis.

  • MOTIVATE: The InSCeHo label allows a company to communicate internally about its travel policy and its commitment to the security and safety of employees.

  • REASSURE: The InSCeHo label allows tour operators to reassure its customers about the security and fire safety of suggested hotels.

  • DEMONSTRATE: By obtaining the InSCeHo label, a hotel demonstrates the quality of its risk management arrangements. Travel professionals no longer have to research the seriousness of a hotel.

  • FOCUS ON YOUR CORE BUSINESS: InSCeHo certification eliminates the costs and constraints of conducting security and fire safety audits.

  • SATISFY LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: InSCeHo certification gives travel professionals a quality tool allowing them to assume at a best cost/effectiveness ratio their professional liability in terms of the security and safety of customers and employees.